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The India Packaging Market was valued at USD 50.5 billion in 2019, and it is expected to reach USD 204.81 billion by 2025, registering a CAGR of 26.7% during the period of 2020-2025.Packaging is among the high growth industries in India and developing @ 22-25% per annum and becoming a preferred hub for packaging industry. Currently the 5th largest sector of India's economy, the industry has reported steady growth over past several years and shows high potential for much expansion, particularly in the export market. Costs of processing and packaging food can be up to 40% lower than parts of Europe which, combined with India's resources of skilled labour, make it an attractive venue for investment. A high degree of potential exists for almost all user segments which are expanding appreciably - processed foods, hard and soft drinks, fruit and marine products.

The Indian packaging industry has made a mark with its exports that comprise flattened cans, printed sheets and components, crown cork, lug caps, plastic film laminates, craft paper, paper board and packaging machinery, while the imports include tinplate, coating and lining compounds and others. In India, the fastest growing packaging segments are laminates and flexible packaging, especially PET and woven sacks. Over the last few years Packaging Industry is an important sector driving technology and innovation growth in the country and adding value to the various manufacturing sectors including agriculture and FMCG segments.

The global packaging industry is developing and expanding day by day and Indian packaging industry is also growing rapidly. This growth is primarily driven by factors like growing pharmaceutical, food processing, manufacturing industry, FMCG, healthcare sector and ancillary in the emerging economies like China, India, Brazil, Russia and few other East European countries.



With advancement in technology and general awareness, the packaging sector in India is well poised as most of the raw materials for packaging are abundantly available in the country. Moreover, the per capita spending has increased tremendously, leading to changing rural markets and a growing middle class who demand the best of products. Various upgraded technologies are being used in industry such as aseptic packaging, retort packaging and biodegradable packaging to enhance the life of food product. Moreover, the plastic packaging market is expanding rapidly registering a growth of 20-25 per cent per annum and is valued at 6.8 million tons while the paper packaging industry stands at 7.6 million tons. The packaging industry is poised to grow rapidly led by the increasing use of innovative packaging equipment and the rising flexible packaging market.

In terms of packaging, the food packaging industry is one growth area that has seen the maximum number of innovations in terms of packaging and branding. Consumers want their food products to be hygienic, safe and at the same time to look attractive. When it comes to food packaging, MNCs have a very good ecosystem. They have a dedicated R&D house, which conducts various research-based experiments using the latest technologies, and are always innovating to ensure that the consumer is benefited. This development has led to healthy competition between our local manufacturers to deliver innovative products, and as a result, the entire ecosystem is gearing up for the change. Likewise, local manufacturers are now importing state-of-the-art machinery to ensure that the packaging is of the highest standards. If trends are anything to go by – seeing is believing! Consumers who have attended any packaging event of late would be able to identify with the above scenario. Packaging machines for labeling, bar coding and scanning, to metal and plastic packaging – every contraption is now available to local manufacturers.

However, at this stage, the industry is eagerly looking forward to the government machinery, which they hope will support them by implementing effective policies that will help them to compete on the international arena. This is where PIAI will play an active role in resolving the issues faced by the packaging industry.

Current Trends

  • Growth in consumer packaged goods
  • Growth of organized retail
  • Increasing use of Flexible Packaging
  • Growth in the usage of Metal Packaging
  • Usage of glass packaging for Beverages
  • Increasing usage of Tetra packs for diary and juice products
  • Coding and marking
  • Aseptic Packaging
  • Usage of recyclable packaging material
  • Vacuum Packaging
  • Modified Atmosphere Packaging
  • Aerosol packaging
  • Skin Packaging
  • Shrink and Stretch Packaging
  • Temper evident Packaging

Technological developments in Packaging Industry

Technological developments in Packaging Industry
  • Specialty film and laminates
  • Multi-layer films
  • Multi-layer blow moulded containers
  • Injection moulded containers
  • Roto moulded containers
  • Bulk containers
  • Thin-wall glass containers
  • Thin-wall metal containers
  • Two piece metal containers
  • Aluminum containers


  • Rapid changes in technology
  • Shortage and Rising cost of raw material
  • Costly Skilled Manpower
  • Rising input costs
  • Highly inadequate credit flow
  • Lack of Market Access & Advanced technology
  • Lack of exposure to Best Management and Manufacturing Practices
  • Lack of 100% commitment to the quality standards
  • Lack of Marketing, Distribution and Branding
  • Non-availability of skilled man-power